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Russian-Mauritanian Cooperation Agreement - Decisive Step Forward in Bilateral Relations

Agreement has been reached concerning participation of a Mauritanian delegation in the Third International Exhibition “Arabia EXPO” and the 11th Session of the Russian-Arab Business Council, scheduled to take place in the period May 30 to June 1 in St. Petersburg. The RABC and the Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Agriculture of Mauritania are expected to sign a Cooperation Agreement during the forthcoming events.

The Agreement provides for establishing a work group for cooperation on the level of business. The work group is expected to become a prototype for the Russian-Mauritanian Business Council that will be established later. The work group, the first meeting of which is scheduled on June 1, is also to inventory the shit of the bilateral agenda and all joint projects.

The agreement is expected to be signed at the end of the plenary session of the 11th Session of the RABC.

Given the present conditions, where there is no intergovernmental commission, working in all areas of cooperation (nowadays there is only an intergovernmental commission on fishing industry), creating a work group is especially important. The idea has already been supported by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The work group is expected to provide a more active trade and economic cooperation between the two countries and a more intense trade turnover.

The Mauritanian side welcomes Russian companies coming to the Mauritanian market, especially those working in such spheres as electric energy, construction, infrastructural development, fishing industry, and others.

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