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Sudan Confirms Participation in "Arabia-EXPO 2013"

Sudan will take part in the Third International Exhibition “Arabia-EXPO” and the events connected with it, said Mr Osama Mustafa, Director General of “Expoteam”, the national agent owning exclusive rights to sell areas and services of “Arabia-EXPO” in Sudan.

According to Mr Mustafa, Sudan will take active part in the Exhibition and it will be represented by a big delegation. Sudan’s participation will aim at presenting export-oriented products and specific projects in a number of spheres, including oil and gas, tourism, agriculture and others.

The Sudanese side has is now forming the delegation for the country’s participation in the Third International Exhibition “Arabia-EXPO” and the 11th Session of the Russian-Arab Business Council. The delegation is expected to be headed by Mr Othman Omar Sharif, the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Trade.

In addition to that, the business programme of the 11th Session of RABC will include a meeting of the Russian-Sudanese Business Council.

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