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The relations between Russia and the Arab countries have reached a new level. This fact is confirmed by Vladimir Putin's visits to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine. The interest of Arab economic operators to enter the Russian market is rising. As experience shows, one of the main chances for entering the Russian market is taking part in exhibitions in Russia. In this regard, the First and Second International Exhibition "Arabia-EXPO» were organized in Moscow (Arabia-EXPO) in 2008 and in 2010.

The Russian part of the Russian-Arab Business Council made a decision to organize the First Exhibition in response to the initiative of the Arabian part of the Russian-Arab Business Council which was announced at the Fourth Joint Session Council in Moscow held in the period from August 31 to September 1, 2005 and has been repeatedly announced during the next sessions in Riyadh, St. Petersburg, and Manama. The First and the Second Exhibitions "Arabia-EXPO" were organized with the support of the Russian Government and the concerned ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Water Agency, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, administration of a number of the regions of the Russian Federation.

The main objective of the exhibition of Arabia-Expo is restoring economic contacts in areas of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the Arab countries, finding joint investment projects and assistance to participants of the exhibition in the organization of bilateral meetings and negotiations to promote their products and services.

In addition, the purpose is establishing contacts and connections between the Russian and Arab business associations, chambers of commerce and trade, economic and financial institutions at the regional level. As a business program the 11th Joint Session of the Russian-Arab Business Council and sessions of the thematic round tables (forums) by business interests will be organized during the exhibition which will be attended by leading representatives from a wide range of industries in Russia, the CIS and other foreign countries.